Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February to-do list.

 photo februarytodolist_zpsc625f5f5.jpg

I didn't make a to-do list for January as I had my plate pretty full. While February feels no different, I do have a little bit of extra time to play with since Scott is back home. It's a relief to know that life is somewhat back to normal for us once again. I can't wait to start crossing things off this list!

1. Winter cleaning: kitchen and closet. Donate items I haven't used in over a year.
2. Start training for the San Diego and La Jolla Half Marathons; kick off marathon training!
3. Do some DIY projects for the home.
4. Read one of my new books.
5. Get back to eating at places on my restaurant list.
6. Be a tourist in my hometown L.A.
7. Finish January in my project life album.
8. Volunteer at least once.
9. Go 5 days out of the week without "unnatural sugar"- candy, cookies,etcetera.
10. Write in my journal once each week.

What are you planning to accomplish this month? I hope you'll share.


  1. These seem like great plans! Reading some of the books I got for Christmas, applying for jobs, and hitting the gym more regularly are my tops goals for the month!


    1. I hope to get back to my regular running and strength training routine, too, this month! I will be checking up on you! =)

  2. I like number 5! I think it is awesome to try out different restaurants!

    1. It was fun doing this, and I hope to finish off this list and start a new one!

  3. Good goals! Good luck with everything (but with number 2 especially!). :)

  4. i've been so bad with lists, but i want to continue to read and get back to exercising on a regular basis! i've been using the cold weather as an excuse!

  5. I love #5 & 6! Being a tourists and trying new things in that respect is the easiest way to gain a new perspective of where u reside, there is so much adventure, no matter where u live so im excited!