Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear diary

I have been avoiding crowded malls during this holiday season. I bought most of my handmade Christmas presents online, and I might have sneaked a thing or two  in my checkout basket for myself as well.  It has been a while since the DH and I have bought gifts for one another, but since we actually have a Christmas tree set up this year, I thought I'd place some presents for him beneath it. I found some things he would really like at Whole Foods, of all places, whilst doing some light shopping for groceries, and, of course, it isn't organic food. (It isn't the craft beer either!) I can't wait to see the smile on his face when he opens up his gifts!
I also finally received my vintage cups from Gypsy Bee Vintage. Why didn't I appreciate how special these would be when hanging out in my mom's kitchen while she and my aunt would be bustling about preparing our meals?
My mother had pyrex kitchenware when I was growing up, but they've broken or have been lost during moves. They remind me of my mom when she was youthful and adventurous. I never realized that I am like her in a lot of ways, more than I'd like to admit. I think my obsession with pyrex is my attempt to satisfy my nostalgia for that particular time in my life.
vintage cups
The other day these beautifully wrapped crochet hand warmers and fingerless gloves from The Folklore Cabin arrived. I'm hesitant to open them because one is a present, although one is for me. I couldn't resist, and I will be needing them for the winter in Ohio and some snowboarding trips with my sister and her husband. I wanted to wear them while sipping a cup of hot tea, but I decided instead that the cup of tea would make for a better photo prop.
tea & packages 
Stella has bloomed into such a good dog. She still will always be my "little" puppy. She is even more attached to me than the other two, and I can't seem to keep her off my heels even while working out to my boot camp dvd. Oh, I've started working out  on my own again. Lately, I just haven't had the motivation to work out on my own,  most likely because I'm bored. I even signed up for a gym membership to get me the motivation that I need. Hopefully the variety of classes the gym offers will keep me feeling challenged. I wish I didn't bore so easily. 
I bought two cases of cider to maybe drink along with the DH while he hangs out in his man cave. We both like to indulge in our own hobbies whenever we can, and so we've been making a conscious effort to do more of what the other person likes. 
angry orchard
This Tuesday I received my present from Meli of Melificent.  We participated in the stocking stuffer swap hosted by Amy of At the Pink of Perfection and Teresa of Delightfully Darling. Needless to say, I truly loved what I received; she evidently did her research on me. Hopefully, I did my research well, too. I sent her a fun makeup bag and a package of colorful, sparkly nail polish, which she reportedly loved and needed! This small little gesture made me feel all warm and happy inside!
gift swap
I'm overjoyed that the weekend is here. I have so much to accomplish and this morning is the beginning of my gym adventures. I hope I don't get bored too soon!


  1. oh my thats a beautiful gift she gave you! :O Also, that tea sure does look good :d Think i'm going to go get myself what might be a third cup...maybe...perhaps.

  2. this is such a cute post. i love the vintage cups above!! x

  3. Mmm i love tea AND i love mugs. I totally feel you on the mall situation. It never used to bother me in the past but for some reason this year i don't want anything to do with it. Thank goodness for online shopping and homemade projects!

    1. You could say I love mugs too. I collect them. And as much as we break glasses, having too many is never a bad idea!

  4. I'm so glad you liked your gift!
    I almost got two of each ;)

    And thanks for being such a great swap partner - I'm looking at my fresh sparkly mani as I type!


    1. I'm so relieved you are using everything I got you!


  5. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  6. So many presents! Love it~ Your vintage cups are simply adorable!

  7. Those cups are absolutely darling and so is your pup :)

    Pearls & Paws

  8. That necklace is so darn cute! And yay angry orchard! The company is based in Cincinnati :D I'm excited to hang out in Cleveland! I love these little peeks into your life. My pups are hard to detach while I work out too. They like need to be on me

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  9. I love Whole Foods! I'm curious to see what you found for the DH. :) And I'm honestly thinking about shopping The Folklore Cabin because of that wrapping. AND that necklace you received is gorgeously adorable.

  10. i love your pyrex!! that first pattern is so lovely. xx

  11. Love those cups. Found a set like them in Goodwill. Wish I would have bought them now, lol.

  12. new follower here! check me out at can't wait to read your blog!