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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I never did mind about the little things

I love this wise little saying from the movie "Point of No Return" with Bridget Fonda. This is also when I discovered the voice and music of Nina Simone....My point is that I spent my early years and twenties worrying about what people said and thought about me, even though I don't really know for certain that anybody ever said anything bad or thought anything bad about me at all. Umm, okay, I admit that I might be stretching it with the latter part of that statement. Whenever I did get wind of a nasty or unwarranted comment, I would feel somewhat rueful. And then I looked at the random few people who had no reason to say those things, whatsoever, and thought: "Well, that guy is a jerk and has issues (so no wonder why he would say something like that)"- and "Well, it's painfully- and I mean painfully- obvious why she doesn't even know me personally (and would say something trivial like that)"- and "...This coming from someone who can't even have a meaningful relationship, which is why he is a HA-ter!" While I at one point believed in "turning the other cheek", I realized that it doesn't mean I should never stand up for myself or that I should let people walk all over me. In fact, thinking those things was actually liberating, but not wasting anymore energy firing off valuable brain synapses on thoughts of them was actually the better choice in the end. Nowadays, I can't say that I pay much attention to other people in general or petty little things. I'm just happy being where I am today. It seemed like such a long, rough road, but as soon as I learned to keep leaving the meaningless stuff behind me, that's when I really began to live. 

What in the world does any of this have to do with the outfit I'm wearing, you ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"I never did mind about the little things."

Hope the rest of your week is lovely- and never mind about the little things!

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! Visit Stephanie from the Loudmouth Lifestyle here to see more photos of our adventures in San Diego!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, love! Such a great post filled with words of wisdom. Something I need right now :)

  2. So very true! Life is to short to get caught up in nonsense/negativity. What a cute skirt... it looks like it has subtle polka dot texture to it?!?!

  3. totally agree with you, constantly worrying about meaningless things will not matter in the end. And haha I always write about things that are completely unrelated to what I am wearing...

    Anyway, I love your cute skirt and the bow shoes!

  4. such a cute outfit !! love love love !! <3

    following you :) would be awsome if you follow back :)

    lotsa loves
    x x x

  5. I really love your attitude! It is such an emotional waste of energy spending time thinking about the little things. Your peep toe bow shoes are adorable!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. That skirt that skirt! I love it! You're lucky to even have something from Modcloth in my mind... Whenever I see something I like on there it's always sold out! Gaa.

    Cup of Tea

  7. love this post and your outfit too. Looking good. First time on your blog and I love it.xx

  8. first, i love this outfit. that skirt is so cute on you!

    and i think i'm pretty lucky. i dont really let things get to me much, and i'm coming a long way in being confident enough to do weird things do to the blog. i actually find it an interesting journey for me, personally, to do and stick to something like this. anyhow, my mom always told me that you can't control everything. it already happened, i can't change it, so let it go. it's taken me awhile to grasp it even if shes been repeating it to me for like 18 years now (may not as long. I'm sure 8 year old me didn't need that advice)

  9. lovely skirt and very adorable look <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. Cuuuuuute skirt! I love how you styled it! I adore ModCloth :)

    xo Teresa

  11. I am loving your bowed shoes and your hair looks amazing!!!


  12. Way to score something so reasonable off Modcloth! Love the bows.

    <3 Cambria