Thursday, August 27, 2015

America's Finest City Half Marathon

 photo File Aug 26 9 53 59 PM.jpeg_zpsb1xedgdn.png  photo File Aug 26 9 52 16 PM.jpeg_zps4xtiz16i.png  photo File Aug 26 9 58 45 PM.jpeg_zpspmydx24j.png  photo File Aug 26 9 55 13 PM.jpeg_zpswbmgvilt.png  photo File Aug 26 9 56 09 PM.jpeg_zps7zyrbtm3.png  photo File Aug 26 9 57 09 PM.jpeg_zpsqsnaubap.png

A race with some of the best views of San Diego Bay. Also takes place during one of the hottest days of summer. Expect to slow your roll down, particularly if you haven't been training in hot weather. 

Some of the race's highlights:
- start line is located at Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma with a gorgeous view of the harbor and city
- course is mostly downhill the first 2 miles or so with a few slight inclines and winds through some of Point Loma's nicest neighborhoods lined with trees
- good organization and planning with the water, aid, and mist stations
- last mile runs along Balboa Park and leads into the museum area
- great finishers area and after party

Race cons:
- no individual wave starts which causes congestion in the first two miles
- hills and inclines the last 2 miles of the course
- record high temps during the second half of the course with no shade

Although this might not be anyone's choice race for a PR, it still is suitable for beginners and intermediate runners. I went into the race thinking I might do okay, even with minimal training, but I got a really bad cramp in my left calf the last stretch of the race and sadly walked to the finish line. I believe that under-training (not running enough miles overall/per week), going too fast the first half of the race, and the heat contributed to the cramping. I didn't feel dehydrated, but I could have been and just didn't notice. I do usually ingest salt pills when I'm running 10 miles or more, and those fell out of my flip belt somehow during the initial stretch (which was a big mistake because that was my first time running with my new flip belt that may not actually have been my size, and I kept having to push it down on my hips). Still, the AFC is a memorable one in my book!

It was definitely what I needed to get motivated to really train again and do better! I have two races in the following months to try and redeem myself!

What races are you training for?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kayaking Bahia Point

pretty water photo File Aug 15 8 00 33 PM.jpeg_zps4dx4l8gv.png my kayak photo File Aug 15 7 12 20 PM.jpeg_zpsrchva1rs.png danielle & her kayak photo File Aug 15 7 53 24 PM.jpeg_zpsvjxdj6ir.png both kayaks photo File Aug 15 7 59 29 PM.jpeg_zpsqwnhdkmc.png me photo File Aug 15 7 58 30 PM.jpeg_zpslxqghz33.png me photo File Aug 15 7 55 07 PM.jpeg_zpsylywrdjr.png

Ask me what one of my favorite things about living in San Diego is and I won't be able to shut up about it. I'm sort of the same way about kayaking, especially since I have my own kayak now. What I love about having my own kayak, is the freedom I have to take it anywhere I want to without having to deal with rental fees and lines, especially in areas that tend to be super "touristy" like La Jolla or anywhere in Mission Bay actually.

Bahia Point came highly recommended. Located in Mission Bay by the Bahia Hotel, it's a popular launching area for kayaks and paddleboards. You need to set up camp early on the weekends as Mission Bay gets very congested Saturdays through Sundays. I love the energy and vibe here; you can relax or have an all out party. 

Danielle and I kayaked all over the bay. There were lots of other boats, paddlers, and kayakers out on the water, but the bay is huge so there was plenty of room. After an hour we rested on a nearby beach and ate some snacks. I couldn't think of any place I'd rather be.

It's times like these when I'm glad that despite all the different things I've been through, that I still ended up here. This lucky. This happy. With this life.