Saturday, May 2, 2015

May goals

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April ended much too quickly, faster than I could bake banana bread or schedule that massage I planned on getting. I just finished reorganizing my closet, so I think I will check that off the list as well since it was accomplished in phases. I didn't make it to Good Will last month, but I gave lots of clothes to people who needed it more than I do; a Goodwill drop-off is bound to happen in a few weeks! The last goal I didn't get around to was kayaking/paddleboarding, but that was mostly because of timing and weather and a bad chemical peel experience. Yes, I keep mentioning it, and I will talk about it soon! (Here were my goals for April...)

Here are my intentions for May:
1. Continue with Project Life.
2. Keep up with #the100dayproject on Instagram & Twitter and/or in real life. (Join in! It will be fun!)
3. Fill four more pages in my art journal.
4. Use my Instax camera more (I went almost 10 months without using it!)
5. Paddleboard & kayak- attempt #3! 
6. Stick to my fitness and nutrition plan. More on this later....
7. Journal once a week. 
8. Finish the book I'm reading, so I can start a new one.
9. Get a massage; my body hurts! 
10. Start doing my long runs outside again.

What are your goals for May? 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April in review

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This month I participated in the Nectar Collective's TNCLovesSpring Instagram photo challenge, which helped give me that extra push I needed to start Project Life 2015. Since I could use a fresh perspective, I signed up for Studio Calico's monthly Project Life kit and received my adorable items a few days later. So excited! It also made me think of documenting the way I look most mornings- just because. And I can only take so many coffee, cupcake, donut, and feet shots. Participating in the photo challenge and starting back up with PL also inspired me to join #the100dayproject. I can't do it on my duty days, obviously, but I'm keeping up otherwise.

Date nights for Scott and I were few and far between; we managed our first Padres game of the season and an evening at Common Theory with our friends followed by my new favorite thing macaroon ice cream sandwiches. Admittedly, it has been a real struggle to want to go out since the industrial environment on the ship is physically draining, and I'm doing my best to stay on top of my workout schedule. Our semi-annual physical readiness weigh-in and test is coming up, and I want to score "outstanding", not to mention come in under the maximum weight, or I fail! =/ So I'm hitting the weights and cardio hard! I'm also happy to say that I finally visited Steph and met her son Trey, and he's so adorable! Such a good baby! I'll share more about that visit- and my first horrible chemical facial peel experience- in the near future. 

I was also surprised to see what posts were the most popular this month. Here they are:
1. April A5 Filofax update- I'm still amazed that all my Filofax posts are far more popular than anything I've ever posted! Wow! I had no idea that there were that many people who were obsessed with it like I am!
2.   Why we're not having children -Thank you for your kind words and comments with this one. I had no idea that some of you felt the way you do, so thank you for sharing and being supportive!
3. Kitchen dream come true- The hits this post is getting is unexpected as well. I love my kitchen, so, yay! 
4. Around my neighborhood - This post dominated the others for a while, and again it was one of my more emotional posts. I really enjoy sharing what's inside my head and my heart, so I'm happy to see that there appears to be positive responses to posts like these. 

Can't wait to see what your month has been like! Copy and paste your links, if you feel so inclined. =)