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Monday, July 28, 2014

The craft room.

 photo craftroom1_zps3eacccd8.jpg  photo craftroom6_zps6fb29a36.jpg  photo craftroom9_zps801c13de.jpg  photo craftroom3_zps735a7b71.jpg  photo craftroom4_zps40973c03.jpg  photo craftroom4B_zps23a2cba9.jpg  photo craftroom7_zps5cce3e3d.jpg  photo craftroom8_zps0412c843.jpg  photo craftroomSTELLA_zpsdd4ceb15.jpg

It is one of my favorite rooms in the house, though I stopped using it so much because I had to get ready to leave. Instead, I have been turning up the volume when listening to my records on constant repeat, especially Haim and Of Monsters and Men, if I didn't mention that before. I really do want to revamp it whenever I get home. Maybe it will become a guest room. Maybe it will remain my craft room instead, but will have freshly painted walls or different furniture. Either way, the possibilities are endless, just like the future. 

What does your creative space look like?! I'm on the hunt for some inspiration! 

*I am currently deployed. I may or may not receive your comments, or I may not be able to respond in a timely manner.*

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pure adrenaline.

 photo skydivingamericanflag_zpsd3a797c3.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGINTROS_zpse01dbeb3.jpg  photo SKYDIVING2014_GETTINGREADY_zps5c4b7599.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGLOOKINGDOWN_zpsb444a455.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGFREEFALLING_zpsb6383b11.jpg  photo skydivingfreefall2_zps537322e5.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGCHUTERELEASE_zps2e62b473.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGWHATARUSH_zps4142bc12.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGYEEEAAAH_zps4c2a94c4.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGWOOHOOHOO_zps371da8b0.jpg  photo SKYDIVING2014_LETSGOAGAIN_zps89341747.jpg  photo SKYDIVINGISONEHELLUVADRUG_zpsfd84c25e.jpg  
This was the last fun thing I had to do before I took off for deployment. I don't know exactly why I waited so long, but my brother-in-law Paul and my sister Jackie just happened to talk about how they were going skydiving, and I ended up agreeing to go with them. It was the last item on my bucket list, so I had to do it now, not later. And to think that a few layers of cloud cover had almost ruined our plans. We waited until noon when the low clouds dissipated, a test run was conducted, and the largest, most beautiful American flag I have ever seen descended from the sky. After the first two planes full of people made their runs and after we had geared up, I knew we were in. It was going to happen.

It didn't take that long for the Twin Otter to ascend to 13,000 feet. I could see the Mexican border below us and the river. The sky never looked so beautiful, and the world below was more magnificent than I had ever imagined it could be from that high above.  My instructor and camera man chatted briefly with me about the descent and how I felt while a Go Pro mini camera was shoved in my face. It was surreal. Before I knew it, the tiny plane's door was opened and I was the first one crouched on its edge looking below with my instructor glued behind me. It looked a lot higher than I anticipated, but I didn't even have time to think about if I was scared or not. We were out of that plane before I even heard the word "go".  Everything happened so fast. The free fall must have lasted less than 35 seconds before the chute deployed. I can't even describe in enough words how I was feeling, but I can say that there is nothing in this world that feels like it. This was certainly the ultimate rush, and I don't think I can ever beat it. As we descended, my instructor Dustin was asking me how I felt, and telling me that each time he did it his perspective continued to broaden. He also said that I was "going to be high on life for the rest of the day", and he was definitely right.

Hello world. I fell through you and fell for you. That is what it feels like to be alive! Wow.

As soon as we landed, I was like "Hell yeah! I'm going to do that again!" If only Scott could have been there to feel what I was feeling too.

What do I do now that I've crossed everything off of my bucket list???