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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend diary part I.

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This weekend brought a welcome break from homework and time spent indoors. Steph drove down from L.A. to visit me and show off her little baby bump! We spent time catching up with each others' lives, from her pregnancy and her pending move, to my upcoming graduation and scheduled departure. On Saturday we shared lunch at Prep Kitchen in Little Italy; I had half of her fish tacos, and she had half of my poblano sandwich because we wanted to try both dishes. We then conversed over coffee and tea at Caffe Italia before window shopping a few boutiques. Our last food goal of the day was crossed off as we encountered a froyo shop a few hundred feet away from where we lunched.  While we somehow managed to miss the farmers market, we certainly made up for it with a lot of walking and light shopping at a few thrift stores and an Urban Outfitters in Hillcrest for the rest of the day. We topped the evening off with a loud get-together of friends, neighbors, and pizza for the much-anticipated fight between Pacquiao and Bradley.

Being able to do stuff like this further impresses upon me the importance of celebrating freedom and life every day. I'm going to be stuck on a steel gray ship for months on end. I will certainly miss weekends like these, bonding, exploring, and being unbelievably carefree.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Makeupless Monday.

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Ever since I've been on shore duty, I gradually transitioned to wearing some type of makeup every day. Currently on most days, I wear eyeliner, concealer, and light-as-a-feather creme foundation while in full-fledged uniform. I say "full-fledged", but the truth is, there is no other proper way to wear our uniforms; you either wear it correctly in its entirety or you don't wear it at all. Since I'll be going back to a ship, I feel a need to transition back to a bare face, minus the SPF tinted moisturizer, of course, and some translucent powder. It feels good to show my real face once in a while; I feel it's an important thing to do somehow, and that it shouldn't define who I am. After all, this face will look much different a decade from now- and, again, there are so many other qualities and accomplishments that I would rather people love about me and remember me by. At least, I'm hoping.